5 Productive Branding Tips For Child Startups

It is usually a whirlwind of a struggle for start-ups who are looking to make their mark and presence known in the ever-changing and challenging world of business. Branding is a mountainous endeavor that one must possess the skills, will and the drive to be able to scale over. People don’t know anything about you or your business yet. In order to get them to reap the benefits of your services much less even notice you, you are going to need a solid branding strategy. To keep you from scratching your head wondering what a good branding strategy should consist of, we’ve prepared a bri

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Logo Redesign – 4 Signs It Is Time To Consider a Total Makeover

A logo plays an important part in the success of a company. Hence, a logo design or brand identity is more than just a visually-appealing symbol. In fact, it is the main regalia of your company that conveys its message to the target-audience, inciting the flame of recognition and bond within. Eventually, there always comes a time when that flame diminishes, especially due to new trends. Consequently, the bond, which the company once enjoyed with its consumers, begins to crumble thereby leading the entire business towards utter doom. Therefore, it is vital to keep that flame burning with

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3 Divine Benefits of an Impressively-Designed Brochure

Brochure is an easy and effective way to communicate with the targeted audience. It is a highly alluring way to make a prominent place in the market segment. Eye-catching brochures attract the target customers and compel them to learn more about the brand. Brochures are the best way to communicate with customers by investing minimum monetary resources. How to make an effective brochure One of the factors that can affect your business productivity is the design of your brochure. Brochure creates interest in the minds of the customer regarding your product. To attract your target custo

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A Big Yes For WordPress!

When we talk about blogging tools, a platform that emerges on our perception horizons instantly is none other than “WordPress”. The forum has set its benchmarks in 2003, where other blogging platforms eventually followed the lead. Currently, 17% of the websites globally are managed using this hosting platform. Whereas the online businesses are concerned, WordPress has always helped them in various ways. Without any mere exaggeration let’s see what few of them are? Very User-Friendly And Inexpensive: Without being phony WordPress is a splendid tool for blogging when it comes

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15+ Creatively Elegant Flat Web Designs For Inspiration

Getting to see a new wave of trends in the digital realm has become quite frequent, owing to the miracles of technological advancements. For instance, In 2012, we saw a great elevation in responsive web design trend due to the escalating use of portable techs. Nevertheless, responsive designs are distinct in terms of both UI and UX than conventional designs. It is mainly because responsive templates are minimalistic and, thus, do not require heavy effects, drop shadows, bevels, etc. The necessity of minimalistic approach seemed difficult at first until the creative electrons crossed the

Bulldozing Creative Block – 8 Tips To Re-Activate Your Creativity

Creative block is the temporary failure of a person to access his own “creative ideas.” It is a situation in which any creative person gets stuck with no ideas. People who are greatly affected with a creative block are those who are involved in creative professions such as artists, writers, performers, musicians and designers. For example, a designer beginning a new project or a writer in the middle of writing a novel may face a creative block. You can improve creative thinking and reactivate your creativity through simple things. Suffering from a creative block or an artist block i

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20 Most Elegant Peacock Logo Designs for Inspiration

Seeking success in any industry without having an eye-popping logo is downright impossible for any business. Just like we humans identify each other by our faces apart from our names, logos are used to identify businesses or brands. In other words, it is the identity of a brand that helps its target consumers to acknowledge not its existence but also its message and feelings. Peacock Logo Designs are used to reflect the identity of a business as elegant. Inspiration for logos can be acquired in a number of ways such as from observing the nature or using real-world elements. Use of real-